Prime Personnel

 is a private personnel agency registered with the Department of Labour in accordance with the stipulations in the Law on Skills Development act 1998 Art 23(2)

  1. Your application stays active on our system for one (1) year from this date.
  2. Documentation handed to Prime Personnel can unfortunately not be returned.
  3. Make sure that information supplied is comprehensive, as many gaps or omissions cause delay in short listings of applicants.
  4. All relevant information must be communicated to your consultant. If facts to the contrary turn up on your application (untruths), your application will be terminated.
  5. Where needed ITC/criminal/other background checks will be done if cv’s are incomplete
  6. Remember we are not “job seekers”, we evaluate you in terms of education, experience, personality, geographic status, personal situation and beliefs, business/ company expectations and your availability. We create the means but you must decide on the suitability, conditions and work environment.
  7. Prime Personnel is a recruitment agent only and do not guarantee any work interviews or work appointments as your personal interview must be done at our office and the company
  8. As we communicate primary by website/telephone/SMS /e-mail/ social media you must always keep us informed of your personal details . You will be contacted via telephone/sms and email/social media regarding positions, due to cell phone issues at workplaces  these platforms will be used at first to inform you about vacancies.

Please inform us if you find alternative employment or any changes in your application with regards to salary expectations or any relevant information shared with the consultant. Should you relocate out of our area, not be available for interviews, or have found employment via us or yourself, we need to be notified asap


  1. Feel free to communicate with us at any time, considering that we do not create “jobs”. Our demand for applicants will be advertised Face Book notice board and various newspapers/internet sites.
  2. If contacted for interviews; one preliminary interview with Prime Personnel and / or alternatively at the “company” make sure you are punctual and the necessary arrangements are made.
  3. It is important to familiarise yourself with the position applying for, requirements, location and background on the company before you attend your interview.
  4. It is unethical to deal with the company after your interview without consulting with Prime Personnel.
  5. Make sure your salary requirements are noted on the application form or discussed in your prelim interview before your application is sent for any position.
  6. Keep in mind that all contact with Prime Personnel are scrutinised and noted according to business ethics therefore all relevant info will be communicated to you only.
  7. Prime Personnel reserves the right to reject or terminate your application if any dishonesty or unethical behaviour is revealed
  8. It is not ethical to use job offers as a leverage to raise your salary. Please make an informed decision before you quit your job. This practise can be prosecuted and you will be responsible for costs involved.
  9. Should you refer a friend, family to the position you apply for or to the company involved and he/she accepts the position, you will be liable for the fees and cost of placement.
  10. The skills development (act 97 of 1998) allows Prime Personnel to charge a administration fee, which is non-refundable.
  11. With acceptance of a job offer at a company through Prime Personnel the “company” accepts a contractual agreement with Prime Personnel and further details will be disclosed at relevant time.
  12. If you do not attend the prelimary interview – your cv will be terminated
  13. If you can not be contacted via sms/mail or telephonically – your CV will be terminated.
  14. Cv’s are archived after 0ne(1) year we will not have copies
  15. Complete your application form in detail as per your CV. The application form will be subject to legal standards and therefore must be in detail and signed.
  16. If the application form is not signed your application will not be completed.
  17. Any supporting documents not handed in will influence your application
  18. Non-RSA Residents must have proof of work permit and hand in relevant Labour and Home Affairs documents. No applications will be accepted without relevant documents.
  19. Update your CV regularly even if you do temp work and still seeking employment.